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by Super User
on ‎05-08-2015 06:02 PM

And the use of the macro variable is for what purpose? How will you use the value?

by Regular Contributor
on ‎05-11-2015 10:31 AM


data concat;

  set &_CLIENTparentDATASETlist;



%MACRO doForEach( datasets);

  %let dataset=%scan(&datasets,1); %let i=1;

  %do while ("%dataset" %ne"");

     proc print data=&dataset;run;

      %let I=%eval(&I + 1);   

      %let dataset=%scan(&datasets,&i);




by Super User
on ‎05-13-2015 02:45 AM

Since we are talking about Enterprise Guide, the datasets are already explicitly written in the code(s) by EG itself.

Your idea would only make sense if you wanted to control the input datasets by making connections in the process flow, but EG does it the other way round by creating connections in the process flow depending on the dataset names in the tasks themselves.

BTW, just a simple list of dataset names would never be sufficient. Tasks often deal with several datasets at once, where each dataset plays a different role, so you would also need to know which dataset is which.

Bottom line: not feasible.

by Community Manager
on ‎04-27-2017 11:37 AM
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