read early ssd01 file

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read early ssd01 file

Dear SAS users

I have some old SAS 6.12 unix version data need to be read into current SAS version 8.2 or 9.2. As SAS 6.12 on Unix was no longer available, any one ever did the same? could you give any tip on that?

BTW, from one SAS upport message (see the link)

it says that EG4.1 can read (import) the file, but it isn't true as I tested.

Many thanks in advance for your time.

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Re: read early ssd01 file

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If you find a Tech Support note that does NOT work, the best thing to do is work with Tech Support so 1) they know that they need to investigate that note and correct the note; and 2) so you can get a correct fix for the problem.

To open a track with Tech Support, go to:

Otherwise, these notes may be relevant: (looks like you can read SAS 6 files with SAS 9) (shows the use of SAS Library Engines to read older SAS file formats)

Or, products like the old DBMS/Copy (not available anymore) or Stat/Transfer might be able to read and convert the files.

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