how sas using in clinical trials

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how sas using in clinical trials

Hi, I'm senthil from india

i would like to know how SAS is using in clinical trials right now i working in clinical trials i want to know more about SAS. so plz help me and send me some valuable link. how should i install SAS and learn..
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Re: how sas using in clinical trials

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One good and broad discussion of using SAS in clinical trials is

Walker & Shostak
Common Statistical Methods for Clinical Research with SAS Examples, 3rd Edition.

You can also find a lot about using SAS for Clinical Trials by reading through this forum.

Installing SAS means purchasing a license unless your company already has one. If you work for a company that has SAS, call your IT support for installation. If not, contact SAS's office in India, and be prepared to pay many rupees.

Doc Muhlbaier
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