define.xml from SDTM datasets only?

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define.xml from SDTM datasets only?

I installed the SAS toolkit. The sample uses meta/sourcedata/data from a XML file via and as described in 'Two-way Ticket, Please... All aboard the SAS® Clinical Standards Toolkit 1.5 Express' by Gene Lightfoot and Lex Jansen.

However, in my case I only have SDTM data. How should I start when the only I have are the domains in SDTM xpt/sas7bdat files? Does the SDTM mechanism in the accompanied macro's add some things like descriptions from the standard? And what should I define manually (from scratch)? source_columns, source_tables, source_values, source_documents, source_study? Thank you.

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Re: define.xml from SDTM datasets only?

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The sample driver <Sample Library>\cdisc-sdtm-3.1.3-1.5\sascstdemodata\programs\ contains an example that derives source metadata from either a define.xml file, or a single library of SAS data sets. In the case of SAS data sets as input, you will have to change the macro variable:

%let _cstSrcType=SDTMLIBRARY; as documented in the program header. This will the create source_study, source_tables and source_columns. When applicable, source_values and source_documents data have to be created from scratch, or customized from a define.xml import.

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