clinical data management training and placement

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clinical data management training and placement

Hi, I am new in this field and am in dire need of some solid advice.  I have a masters of science in health field and want to get into some type of clinical data management to optimally be able to work remotely.

I dont have a lot of computer programming experience and am going to be starting from scratch,  I am trying to find a solid training program that companies will hire you from.   I have talked to some training places and they say you can get a placement but i dont think there is a guarantee.  I basically dont know what type of certificate employers look for and where to start.  Can some people point in the right direction to start.  I dont know if i should just start with SAS, or maybe get the background of clinical data management.  Optimally i would like a faster course and not break the bank but I dont want to waste my time and $ as well.  Thanks in advance with anyone that can help me.


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