Using SAS beyond safety and efficacy reporting

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Using SAS beyond safety and efficacy reporting

Beyond safety and efficacy reporting, I've seen SAS used for CDISC transformations, patient profiles, range-checking a database, building clinical data warehouses, and much more.

What other parts of the clinical trials process are you using SAS for?
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Re: Using SAS beyond safety and efficacy reporting

We use it for enrollment monitoring as well.

An area that may be part of what you have already described is the linking of clinical care data with clinical trial data to minimize redundant manual data entry into a clinical trial database.  As we get further down the road in health care reform ("Meaningful Use" and "Health Information Exchanges"), this will be a more prominent need because there will be more data available.  For the most part, our current process that way have been in capturing lab data from the hospital's HL-7 streams for study patients in Phase I studies (where the sponsor was interested in monitoring certain assays in a near-real-time fashion). 

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