SAS on CCW - VRDC - Looking to start a Special Interest Group

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SAS on CCW - VRDC - Looking to start a Special Interest Group


Our group has a seat on the CCW VRDC and is using the data and SAS environment there.


We've learned a lot about the environment and are going thru lots of changes that deal with:

* - Code Work Flow

* - Project scalability

* - Code Updates/Change Control

* - Team management/prioritization

* - Q/A Testing of code locally before running on VRDC

* - Code refactoring/Changes/Updates in order to allow running easier on VRDC


And others.

I'd like to form a SIG and find others who use the VRDC and deal with some of the same challenges.

Is anyone else out there using the VRDC?


Our code, usage ranges from Freqs, to Stats, macros.

But one thing is certain - how it looks(looked) on our local environment is not optimal now for how we must run it in VRDC.


Please contact me if you are interested in maybe a small virtual forum first?

Would love to start knowledge sharing and exchange ideas.

I've searched for something like that and havent found it.  If someone knows of a group I can join that would also be appreciated.



Zeke Torres


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