SAS for clinical trials training

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SAS for clinical trials training

Hello all,
I'm a SAS programmer of 10 years and am looking to get into clinical trials. can any of you share any insights on the major differences between the 2 and the challenges i may face in transitioning from one to the other.

ALso, does anybody know of any good training programs especially in the bay area? Any suggestions/ideas will be greatly appreciated, Thanks.

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Re: SAS for clinical trials training

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Here are just a few of the BOOKS on the subject (from SAS publications and

SAS Programming in the Pharmaceutical Industry (Paperback)
by Jack Shostak

Validating Clinical Trial Data Reporting with SAS
by Carol I. Matthews and Brian C. Shilling

Analysis of Clinical Trials Using SAS: A Practical Guide
by Alex Dmitrienko, Geert Molenberghs, Christy Chuang-Stein, and Walter Offen

Perhaps they will be useful. There is also a specialized user group called "PharmaSUG" that meets every year.

You can search this web site for papers which were submitted to PharmaSUG and other user groups:

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Re: SAS for clinical trials training

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You may be interested in my new and unique class, Best Practices in SAS Statistical Programming for Regulatory Submission. It will be a two-day intense and comprehensive class in New Brunswick, New Jersey. During these two days, I expect to review all the details in the submission process and SAS macros for validating and producing publication-quality summary tables. I will also be available to answer any questions you may have.

Best Practices in SAS Statistical Programming for Regulatory Submission
- Download Class Outline and Brochure:
- More update to date information on Class:

- Best Practices in SAS Class Description:
This course is intended for anyone directly or indirectly responsible for
the creation, content or validation of summary tables, data lists and
graphs used to support research, drug or medical device efficacy and
safety in a regulatory submission. Professionals in the pharmaceutical,
biotechnology and medical device industries who want to be 21 CFR Part 11
compliant in relation to the SAS programming environment will benefit from
this unique course. Effective and practical solutions to address real-
world issues will be provided.

This class is offered through The Center for Professional Advancement, an
organization which is CEU accredited.

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