SAS/Connect and SAS/Access to MIDAS+

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SAS/Connect and SAS/Access to MIDAS+

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Anyone here using SAS/Connect and SAS/Access to ODBC to connect to MIDAS+ from a 64-bit Windows server?

We're setting up a new SAS server and having a hard time getting the connection to work. If I get directly on the server via remote desktop, a libname statement works. If I rsubmit that same libname statement from my PC, it won't work for 5-15 minutes. I sit here and every 2-3 minutes resubmit the libname and eventually it goes through.

We have install the 64-bit KB_SQL driver and created a system DSN for MIDAS. We're also in touch with tech support, but I thought I'd try here too.

MIDAS is a Cache backend if anyone has thoughts on that...
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Re: SAS/Connect and SAS/Access to MIDAS+

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Hi Jen

I'm afraid I can't help you with your question but I am interested in Cache. It sounds like Midas is an Intersystems Cache system. In fact you are the only reference I could find to Cache in the SAS database. I have used mainframe SAS for years and I find myself in a new job in a Cache shop with no one using it. My hope is to increase my knowledge of SAS and Cache and possibly introduce it, if it proves to be as useful as I think it could be. If you are willing to provide me with any help or advice in this area my email is

In any case, thanks for reading this.

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