SAS Certification Help pls

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SAS Certification Help pls

Hi all,

I am considering a career change and i was looking into SAS. As I am new to this field can someone point me into the right direction and advise what books , or classes and where i can take the exams in UK please?

Many thanks


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SAS Certification Help pls

As a jump start, read the Little SAS book.

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SAS Certification Help pls

Go through

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SAS Certification Help pls

Posted in reply to sunilpusarla

Hi Sunipusarla,

     I am considering just like Maddie as most of the CRO & Sponsor are considering somebody with SAS experince or a know how.

I went thru the link that you suggested but it did not spell out the books somebody can get to achieve the certificate.

Can you be more specific?

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SAS Certification Help pls

Much information is available at the SAS support resources website:

Scott Barry
SBBWorks, Inc.

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SAS Certification Help pls

Hi Scott,

    Well thanks for the tip in that link but the fact stand is that.

Instead of moving around to find the way to an address that is wrongly Number don't you think it will be right and nice to just lead the newbie to the right number  ?

My point is that, trying to running around the link to find what we need i guess it will be lot easier if you can walk us thru where exactly and what to do

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Re: SAS Certification Help pls


  As you explore the certification site: you will see that there are many different certification exams. Since you are posting this question on the Clinical Trials forum, I figure you are interested in the Clinical Trial Programmer credential:

  If you look at the above web site for the Clinical Trial Programmer exam, you will see that there is a tabbed area on the main page. Under the tab for "Exam Preparation" (as shown in the attached screenshot). If you go to the page referenced, you will see what is considered appropriate preparation for the exam -- including courses, publications and white papers and other recommended reading.

  In addition, if you click on the Exam Registration tab, you will find information about taking the exam at a Prometric center. This link will take you directly to the Exam Registration tab:

  And, here is the certification FAQ site:


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