SAS Canada Special Student Scholarship: Call for Abstracts

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SAS Canada Special Student Scholarship: Call for Abstracts


SAS Canada is looking to showcase SAS use in Epidemiology, and is offering a $1000 scholarship to the best student proposal of research done, or to be done. If applicable SAS will supply to the scholarship winner:
* an evaluation of relevant software for completion of research.
* a publication's book to support the use of the software.


- Applicant must be a registered student in a Canadian University.
- A panel of practicing epidemiologists will evaluate the abstracts to select the proposal that showcases:
* An innovative research idea.
* An applicable outcome to the field of epidemiology.
* A unique or advanced use of SAS Software

How to Apply:

Send an email with the following to with the subject “Student Scholarship” before the entry deadline.
- Full Name, School Attending, Degree Seeking, Program, Estimated Graduation Date
- Full Contact Details (Email Address, Phone Number, Mailing Address)
- Abstract of proposal (Maximum 1000 characters)

Entry Deadline:
- 5:00pm EST Friday, July 6th, 2007

For inquiries or for full terms and conditions contact Tim Trussell, Academic Program Manager, SAS Canada, at or at 416.307.4532.
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Re: SAS Canada Special Student Scholarship: Call for Abstracts

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With just over a week remaining to the submission deadline, I am just posting to remind you to e-mail your abstract to

One quick note, in an effort to allow an abstract to demonstrate the three evaluation criteria outlined in the original message, the 1000 character maximum should have been 1000 words. My apologies for the confusion, but as I have not had any final submissions yet it shouldn't put anyone at a disadvantage. This said, abstract proposals should focus on succinctly and clearly outlining the research purpose and methods.
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