Registering tables from z/OS on UNIX

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Registering tables from z/OS on UNIX

We have the SAS Server on a UNIX box and we're connecting to DB2 thru ODBC. Can I register these DB2 tables in SAS? If so, how do I do it or where can I find out how to do it? Thanks.
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Re: Registering tables from z/OS on UNIX

Quite odd combination...
Using SAS/ACCESS to DB2 sounds more straightforward.
I know that there is a possibility to use ODBC in UNIX, but the instructions to make it work seems a bit tricky.
Nevertheless, by registering, do you mean in a Metadata server?
And, can you access these DB2 tables outside SAS on that UNIX box (that is, have you completed the necessary steps in the ODBC setup)?
If so, there are a lot of documentation and papers that describes similar scenarios.
On this site, search for "management console odbc server".

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