Performing calculations with counts

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Performing calculations with counts

I'm pretty new to SAS coding and I'm a bit lost right now. How would you perform calculations with counts. For example, I want to get the rate of falls by type (same level falls, different level falls, etc... I created a variable to differentiate for each type of fall (same_fall, diff_fall).

How would I add up the type of falls and then divide it by the population?

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Re: Performing calculations with counts

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If you'd raised this in the Enterprise Guide forum my answer would have been slightly different, although the result would be the same.

It seems you want to perform a frequency analysis, you want a percentage for the frequency as a proportion of the population, and you want to perform it separately for each level of a variable that classifies a group to observe.

In Enterprise Guide there is a standard analysis task that will do everything for you. In Foundation SAS, your can simply run code similar to the following:

Proc Freq Data = MYLIB.MYDATA Missing;

This will produce frequencies for each level of classvar, and percentages for each class as well as the whole population.

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