PROC SHEWHART and formats

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PROC SHEWHART and formats

Hi, hoping this a relevant (enough) forum since I'm doing health care data, b/c otherwise I wasn't sure what forum a QC/SHEWHARTquestion goes in...

I'm making UCHARTS using PROC SHEWHART and am making the graphs using rates (per 1000 discharges). The raw data values are something like .0324 (i.e., the rate not mult*1000), but I'd like the graph X-axis to read "... per 1000 discharges and then display the Y-axis as "32".

I tried a picture format (below) applied with a format statement or a vformat option to no avail. In fact, i can't even seem to control the display of the .0324 form by specifying vformat=6.3 or a format statement like "format measure 6.3;"
proc format;
picture perthousand low-high '0000' (mult=1000);

SAS/QC on Windows Server
V9.1.3 SP3
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Re: PROC SHEWHART and formats

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And as long as I'm piling on SHEWHART questions...

On P-charts, if you use the yscale=percent, can you control the formatting of that percent (so they display as whole numbers rather than 92.5)?

I've tried format statements and vformat and they don't seem to control anything. Seems like yscale=percent overrides any other formatting.
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