Installation problem

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Installation problem


I installed SAS v9.1 ETL studio and related options. At the end of the installation, when I was asked to login to the metadata profile, I entered the relevant details including machine name, port, userid, and password. However, I always get the message:

Could not log on to the server. Please check your user ID and password.

I am sure that the userid/password is sasadm/sasadm, which is absolutely correct. I have re-installed and re-created for several times.

Can anyone suggest what problems it is? What actions should I do?

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Re: Installation problem

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Perhaps this explanation might help....

When you get an error message about invalid userid credentials similer to:

Could not log on to the server

Then there are usually (3) areas to examine for consistency in the credentials:

1. Userid Definition:
When you defined the Userid [e.g. "sastrust"] whose credentials are used
for running SAS tasks, if the Server machine was Windows,
you were supposed to have checked these boxes:

**Deselect** => "User must change password at next logon"
Select => "User cannot change password"
Select => "Password never expires"

Please review the following settings:

=> Settings => Control Panel => Administrative Tools => Computer Management =>
=> "Expand +" Local Users & Groups (in Left Panel)
=> Select => "Users" (in Left Panel)

Then in Right Panel =>
=> R/Click on Userid [e.g. "sastrust"] => Properties =>

**Deselect** => "User must change password at next logon"
Select => "User cannot change password"
Select => "Password never expires"

If any of these "password" properties were not set properly, then
the password for *this* Userid is out of synch with how it is defined elsewhere :-(

2. Validate Windows Password:

verify that the user ID and password that you defined in the
operating system matches what you specified in your Metadata login
information. You can check this by verifying that you can log in to your
local machine by using the user ID and password that you stored in the
metadata login.

Here is how you check what Windows is using for the password
for *this* Userid [e.g. "sastrust"]

Start up a Command Window
=> Programs => Accessories => "Command Prompt"

Then, in the Command Window:
>runas /user:sastrust "notepad"

It will prompt for the password for *this* Userid and if you enter the correct
Windows password for *this* Userid, then it will allow "Notepad" to come up.

If Notepad fails to come up then you know that the password for that
Userid was not correct and needs to be changed.

3. Password in SMC:

Next, use the *same* password which you just validated with Windows authentication
for *this* Userid [e.g. "sastrust"]
and using SMC compare the Metadata Server's value listed for that Userid
in the User's Properties.

Next, search your "c:\" drive and find the file:
which shows the encrypted password for *this* Userid
as originally provided to the Configuration Wizard.

Next, compare the password you just validated with Windows authentication
and compare with the encrypted password in "OmrConfig.xml".

For each password, use this code to get the encrypted value:
proc pwencode in=""; run;

For example:
proc pwencode in="UserUser1"; run;

If none of this helps you, then please Open a "Track" with SAS Technical support describing your problem :-)


Good luck!
-- GlenG@sas
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