Clincal Data Analysis using SAS

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Clincal Data Analysis using SAS

Dear All,

I am about to join as a Clincal Data Programmer (SAS) in an MNC. I don't have much bacck ground in SAS, but the company will provide SAS training. But am pretty good in programming (PERL / C / Java / SQL). Could you guys help me out by directing me to a good strating point to learn SAS programming (BASE/STAT/MACRO).

What all modules I should lear for Clincal Data Analysis using SAS ?
Is SAS learning edition a good place to start ?

Please reply me,
S Khadar
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Re: Clincal Data Analysis using SAS

The best place to start will probably depend on your technical and industry experience level. SAS provides a variety of training courses that focus on general SAS programming concepts, but don't really focus on clinical research industry.

There are some excellent books available as well. The Little SAS Book is a great introduction to the world of SAS. The book "SAS programming in the pharmaceutical industry" is clearly more industry-specific, and assumes some basic SAS programming skills.

You should be able to find the books here

Good luck in your new position.
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Re: Clincal Data Analysis using SAS

A new book by Jack Shostak looks quite useful for beginners in clinical data analysis: .
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