CDISC: Updating anno CRF with hyperlink

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CDISC: Updating anno CRF with hyperlink

Hi all,

Could you pl any one tell how to update the annotated CRF with hyperlinks?

Pl give some information on "update the annotated CRF with hyperlinks".

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Re: CDISC: Updating anno CRF with hyperlink

If you are asking about the CDISC standards, you should visit CDISC.ORG for more information on this topic.

If you are asking how to implement hyperlinks with SAS, then the general method is to use the URL= style attribute to specify a hyperlink value. If you use PROC REPORT, PROC PRINT or PROC TABULATE, then you can specify the URL= attribute in a style specification, such as this (shown for a PROC REPORT DEFINE statement):
DEFINE varname / display style(column)={url=$urlfmt.};

For this to work, the format $URLFMT must be defined before the PROC REPORT step and would contain the URL needed for the hyperlink value. You can also implement hyperlinks in PROC REPORT using the CALL DEFINE statement -- this is particularly useful to build dynamic URLs or build URLs from variables in the dataset. If you need to create URLs for othe procedure output (such as PROC GLM, PROC MEANS, PROC REG, etc) then you would need to alter the table template used for the procedure. There are other methods for building hyperlinks for SAS/GRAPH output.

Once you know your procedure of choice and the type of hyperlink you need to build (pointer to external file or pointer to another location in the same document), then you can investigate the use of URL= in your procedure of choice.

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