CDISC Questionnaires controlled terminology

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CDISC Questionnaires controlled terminology


CDISC has provided controlled terminology for several Questionnaires, and
these are 'Non Extensible'. But some Questionnares like ESS, SGRQ-C, BDI etc
need Total scores to be calculated (derived), either for the whole test or for
sub groups, but the TEST/TESTCD for this is not provided in the  controlled
terminology and respective Questionnaire supplements.

How are these 'Total Scores' to be recorded if the controlled terminology is
non extensible?

For example,

ESS has 8 questions, for which the CDISC has provided controlled terminology, and has given examples in the ESS Questionnaire supplement, but I need to collect/derive the Total score as well. Since the code list is not extensible, how do I do this?

How to record the sums for Symptoms component, Activity component, Impacts component and Total score for SGRQ-C.


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Re: CDISC Questionnaires controlled terminology

Since this is not a SAS question perse, I think you will have a higher chance to get an answer when asking in a CDISC forum.

I would suggest the "SDTM - Experts" discussion group on LinkedIn: CDISC - SDTM Experts | LinkedIn

CDISC also has a discussion forum, unfortunately with a lot of spam, and much less traffic: Public Discussion Forum


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Re: CDISC Questionnaires controlled terminology

Thank you, I'll try that

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