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I am trying to analyse data from animal behaviour. 

4 groups (treatments) with 10 animales each. 

4 different activities recorded: Sleep, walk, eat, play.

I want to know if any treatment cause a different proportion of the activity in each group. 


Do someone can help me with this? I need a script to run in SAS. I am using sas for student. 

Example. The data is the frequency of each activity recorded per animal in a period of 2 hours. 


Group 111222 
Animal 123…(10 animals each group)123…10 
Sleep1510 1616  
Walk2314 2323  
Eat1422 2424  
Play2636 5425  


Thank you. 

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Re: Behaviour

Please supply some example data in a data step with datalines, and an example for the result you expect.

If you want to use your existing dataset (or a subset thereof), use the macro provided in to convert the dataset to a data step.

Post the resulting code in a code window, as described in

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How to convert datasets to data steps
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Re: Behaviour

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Thanks! I am trying to to what you have suggested me, but I have being experimenting some problems. 


Just in advance, is proc glimmix categorical analysis suitable for data of behaviour?



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Re: Behaviour

Don't look for a PROCEDURE, decide the type of statistical analysis you need first. And then someone can either tell you the PROC that will work or you can search for that. 

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Re: Behaviour

Hi Reeza, How are you? I hope everything is fine. 


To choose the type of statistical analysis I need, these are some point to take into account:

I need a test to address the question is there a difference between groups? (independent groups.) Comparing between groups.

10 collection time points.

Independent variables: Categorical data (nominal).

Dependent variables (treatment): Categorical data (nominal).

4 Treatments.

Data with normal distribution (parametric tests)


Can be the Chi-Square X2 test suitable to be used in this situation?


All the best.


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