BLOB data type

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BLOB data type

Is the BLOB data type available in SAS Base? I am trying to concatenate patient notes for multiple records. For example, a patient has 50 records, each with a clinical note that may be up to 40K characters. If I combine all notes into one record then I could have up to 400K characters. I have written a program in VBA to do this but I am running into a field size issue. Can I use the BLOB data type to combine a patient's multiple notes into one note? Thanks.
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Re: BLOB data type

There is no actual BLOB data type in Base SAS, but is has been considered for SPDS. You can read BLOB data types from external RDBMS, but the SAS/ACCESS engine will convert them into char variables. Since the maximum length for char in Base SAS is 32K, I guess you have to split your data into several rows/columns. Apart from that, you have an observation lenght limit to handle: 2GB.

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