A question of SAS Mixed Proc

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A question of SAS Mixed Proc

I met a problem in the "Dose Proportionality" study which is a part of PK study in the Phase I clinical trial. The Power Model is oftened used to analyze the "Dose Proportionality" study. The model set up the following equation to discrib the problem:

log(yijk) = si + pj + βi •log(Dk) + εijk

The equation is base on the study consisting of a crossover design with D doses being given to N subjects over P periods. Commonly D and P are the same. yijk represents the measure of PK parameter (such as AUC) on the kth dose in the jth period for the ith subject; sj is a random subject effect; pj is a fixed period effect; and εijk is a normally distributed random error with mean value zero. If the slope is assumed common for all subjects, it will be β.

The model suggests using the SAS MIXED PROC to calculate the estimate and confidence interval of β. The REML method is also recommended for the mixed effects model.

I wrote the following code:

proc mixed;
model ln_auct = ln_dose /alpha=0.05 cl intercept;
random subject;

The SAS system gave out the following results

Solution for Fixed Effects

Effect, Estimate, Standard Error, DF, t Value, Pr>|t|, Alpha, Lower, Upper

Intercept ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...
log_dose ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...

/*The numbers are omitted*/

Did I write the correct program?
Are the "Lower" and "Upper" the results of the Confidenc Interval calulated by the REML method?

Thank you!
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