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set is emptyIn

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set is emptyIn


I read:

Cube Permissions
In order to use the View Cube function, a cube must have the appropriate Read and ReadMetadata permissions. Read and ReadMetadata permissions can be granted for the cube with the Authorization function that is available in the Properties dialog box. If you do not have permissions to read the cube, the View Cube function fails when you attempt to load it. The following authorization error message is displayed:

View Cube results are not available. Possible reasons are
1) an error occurred in reading the data or
2) the permissions may not allow viewingYou can select OK to close the message dialog box or Details. The Details panel displays the following message:

The set is emptyIn addition, if the Read permissions for a component of the cube (dimension, hierarchy, etc.) have been denied, those components are not available for selection in the cube dimension tree.

"a cube must have the appropriate Read and ReadMetadata permissions" ? A cube? or
is the cube user the right entity to give the permission? Why would the cube like
to read its own meta data?

I just logged in as sasadm@saspw but still got the error "set is emptyIn". Is it really a permission problem
if I use the administrator login?

Thanks for any clarification.
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Re: set is emptyIn

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