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sas generated web page loading cursor

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sas generated web page loading cursor

Hi everyone,

I am a new SAS user and I hope I did post my problem in the right section.

I have been asked to create a web page with a weird architecture using SAS Base (Unix).

How it is done :

It's a web page with let's say one and only Proc print and a button allowing to generate (and download) the same procedure in an excel file.

The structure is the following and is a little messy :

%Global Download;

  *retrieving the post parameters from the form (action=self);

  %macro dispatch

          %IF &Download = 0 => print html header and show the proc print & the button "to download" (in the form)

          %ELSE                  => show XLS header and generate the ods..

  %mend dispatch;


The problem :

Everything seems to be working fine. Though when I click on the download button, a download window opens and no matter what my choice is (close / download / cancel) ,
the mouse cursor is turned into a sandbox once I press any button(download..).

I have no idea why the cursor is changing intto a sandbox and why doesn't it change back to normal ?

I hope I was clear enough,

Thanks !


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