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prompts in data items within info map/web report

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prompts in data items within info map/web report


I wish to use a user's response to a prompt within my information map to create another calculated field within the map which can then be used to filter certain elements within my WRS report.  So, for example my map data item expression states CASE when prompt::<<p_my_prompt>> = 'West' THEN 1 ELSE 0 END (I have simplified for example). I then want to use this data item to filter certain values within the report.  However, when I try to add this data item to my report the initial prompt page for the report duplicates the prompt for each element within the report.

Is there a way to use prompt values within an Info map in a WRS report without this happening? This seems to be a bug within WRS - when I test within Info Map Studio it works fine.


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