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problem with SAS Query And Reporting Services

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problem with SAS Query And Reporting Services

Hi everybody!!!
May be someone used tool "SAS Query And Reporting Services" whitch is described here: . Our SAS version is 9.1.3. The problem is error while running command
[/u0/app/SAS/SASQueryandReportingServices/3.1/outputgen -c OutputManagementConfigTemplate.xml -s A5DNA1ZD.AY000Y63 -u -pw --burst --metadata-key "Transformation+omi://Foundation/reposname=Foundation/Transformation;id=A5DNA1ZD.AY000HQY"]. All metadata objects are created and are correct, however execution fails on error: BatchDriver called with wrong directive type. Does someone knows what problem is it? Thanks for any help!
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Re: problem with SAS Query And Reporting Services

I havent used the command line interface for this product before so I might be incorrect here. But the documentation you pointed to is for SAS 9.2 - so it is possible that these commands didn't exist in the prior version 9.1.3.

Here is a link to some documentation in SAS 9.1.3 for the Query & Reporting Services:

Also there is a troubleshooting techsupport note:

~ Angela Hall
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