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olap cube mdx query

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olap cube mdx query

Hi All,

    I need help OLAP cube MDX query.

I have table with columns Product_Name, Year, Quarter, Sales_Amount etc. I can display these value in my cube.

I display the sales amount for particulate quarter, meaning the sales amount for quarter1 display in Q1, sales amount for quarter2 display in Q2, sales amount for quarter3 display in Q3 etc.


What I want is Q1 should show the particular quarter1 values.

whereas Q2 should show the values of quarter1 +quater2 values.

Q3 should show the values of quarter1 +quater2 + quater3 values.

Q4 should show the values of quarter1 +quater2 + quater3+ quater4 values.


Is it possible to do it through MDX query?


Note: The time hierarchy has both Year and Quarter.


Thank you in advance.

Best Rgards,


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Re: olap cube mdx query

Hi ALex,


Have a look at this SGF paper How to Customize Your Data Analysis with SAS® OLAP Cube Calculations

It has a section about calculate accumulated total using the PeriodsToDate MDX function.


Additional papers can be found here SAS Technical Papers


Hope this helps,


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