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mouse over (or flyover) effect in WRS

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mouse over (or flyover) effect in WRS

I was wondering if there is a similar possibility for Web Report Studio as you can use in PROC Report where you can define a mouse over effect and show user an explanation if they move mouse to header, for example. It could be useful for data tables to explain some variables or if you show a city then explain a region or show something that could be interesting but should not be always visible as column. Als a comment in a table can make table very hard to read...

I know that you can define a column as hyperlink and show it with different font color, using IMAP. Is there a way to show comment?

Thank you.

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Re: mouse over (or flyover) effect in WRS

I 'd admit that I have never tried that. But theoretically it might be possible if you do the following:

Proc Report (with mouse over function defined) --> stored process --> insert into WRS.

Stored process which supports chart tips, drill down etc may also have 'mouse over' capacity if called by WRS.


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Re: mouse over (or flyover) effect in WRS


Since WRS uses SASReport XML (and not standard HTML) the FLYOVER attribute might not work in WRS, although it may work in the Portal. Even when you use a stored process with WRS, the SP results are SASReport XML and NOT HTML, which is why the FLYOVER attribute might not work. This would be a question for Tech Support.


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Re: mouse over (or flyover) effect in WRS

Another approach (not as good as a flyove though) is add the descriptive metadata in the information map for each variable.  Then in the WRS report if th euser clicks the :smileyinfo: they will get a pop up with the metadata for the data in the WRS report.

(Worked in 9.1 havent actually tried in 9.3)




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