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logic to be enhanced in report

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logic to be enhanced in report

Hi All,


I have a web report where the source is OLAP Cube. And day wise records will be appended. For example, If I open the web report today, I should see the data which will be available upto yesterday.


Problem encountered:


I want to write logic for one column, for this here is the below condition:


Columns: Date, W, X, Y, Z


Logic to be developed:


Once I open the report it should prompt me for the date.


1. Scenario: If I enter 5th of current month, it should divide "X" column values divided by 10 and multiplied by 5. Then that value should store in "Z" column.


2. Scenario: If I enter 13th of current month, it should store the value which is there in point no 1(mentioned above) i.e., first 10 days of current month + 2 days i.e., 11th and 12th of the current month.


Please guide me. Thank you in advance..!




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Re: logic to be enhanced in report

This doesn't sound like an OLAP like requirement, rather a stored process. If your application doesn't use any other slice and dice logic consider use a table instead.
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