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Web report studio error: Insufficient memory in Visualtotals function

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Web report studio error: Insufficient memory in Visualtotals function


We have few web reports created over SAS OLAP cubes (OLAP cube -> Info map -> WRS). All the reports are almost similar with a cross-tab displaying few dimensions and measures (the visual totals/subtotals is enabled for this table), followed by a bar graph for the same data.

The reports had been working fine without any problems for almost 2 years now. But now the reports started giving error messages, there has been no changes to the cube/report structure.

The data for each user can vary from 0 to few thousands records.

When it is executed now, the cross-tab component returns an error - Insufficient memory in VisualTotals function but the graph component is displayed properly with the expected result.Visualtotals_error.JPG

Things to  note:

  • For a user with 30 records, the report displays data in both the cross-tab and graph. For a user with 16,000 records, the report gives error for cross-tab component.
  • If the visual totals option is unchecked for the cross-tab, the report returns values for both cross-tab and graph for ALL users, irrespective of the  number of rows returned.

We believe there is some insufficient memory problem, but the available space on web server is 33GB and on applications server is 157GB.

MEMSIZE is set to 8G.

CPU utilization is also not a problem here, more than 50% CPU available at the time of report execution.

It would be of great help if you could shed some light on where exactly this VISUALTOTALS get calculated in app tier? What will be the temporary location used for saving the result?

Any help would be highly appreciated. Thanks in advance.



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Re: Web report studio error: Insufficient memory in Visualtotals function

Hi Praghathi, you are seeing an insufficient memory error from olap server, mid tier is not involved here.

Try to increase olap server memsize to 16GB but first use the aggregation tuning wizard in olap cube studio to add required aggregation to your cube.

If these two suggestions don't solve your problem, feel free to open a Technical Support track.


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