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Web Report Studio and Stored Process Problem

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Web Report Studio and Stored Process Problem

Dear All,

What could be the possible cause that a stored process is good when running by EG (good meaning producing expected reports), while going blank when being open by WRS? We did not get any errors, it just went blank, no results. The same STP has been built and rebuilt multiple times, problem remains. Other STPs runs find by WRS. So while I am going through the log painfully, I 'd like to know the possible reason and where/what to look.



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Re: Web Report Studio and Stored Process Problem


  There are several reasons why your report might not be rendered by WRS, while looking running OK in SAS Enterprise Guide.And, without seeing your code, and understanding how you registered the stored process, it is hard to speculate. Some things that could be "off":

1) you did not register the stored process with the right result type (you picked streaming instead of package -- I believe that WRS wants a package as the result type)

2) you picked a destination (such as an override to _ODSDEST) that is not supposed by WRS -- for example, EG can receive many different destinations: RTF, PDF, HTML, etc; but WRS only can receive SASReport XML as the destination

3) you used a procedure (such as PROC REPORT) and used a feature (such as a LINE statement) that is not supported by WRS; or you used a DATA step program and tried to write HTML with your DATA step program

4) you used some feature of SAS 9.3, but your server is running an older version of SAS in which the feature does not exist

5) you referenced a style template or cascading style sheet that is not available to WRS and that ruined the rendering of the stored process output

6) you've run into something that is a known defect and requires a hot fix...some possible Tech Support notes are:

16687 - "Error Rendering Report (Rendering Content) Expression should notcontain typed aggregations"...

14495 - "Error rendering report, Tables are not joined" exception in SAS® Web Report Studio

  If you search for the string Error rendering report on, you might find more hits. Or, your best bet might be to work with SAS Tech Support -- they really need to investigate the metadata and the code and any overrides that you have. Just because the stored process runs in EG doesn't guarantee that it will work in WRS.


  You said you got a log, but you would not necessarily see error messages for some of the above scenarios. SAS on the server might be able to create the output correctly, but WRS is unable to render the output for the WRS interface. There are quite a few reasons why you would get a blank screen instead of an error message.

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