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We need your opinions on social media in BI reporting

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We need your opinions on social media in BI reporting

Dear SAS User:
In the past year, SAS has received several requests to have a social media/collaboration tool embedded in SAS Web Report Studio (WRS) but it is unclear what features/functions our users expect to have in this tool. Thus, we have launched a survey to assess your needs so that SAS can improve your BI reporting experience. Even if you personally do not need a social media/collaborative BI reporting tool, please visit the survey and share your reasons and opinions.

By clicking on the link below and completing the 20-item questionnaire, you will provide SAS with feedback that will help develop and improve future releases of SAS Web Report Studio. Please allow approximately 25-30 minutes to complete this survey.

If you have any questions or encounter technical difficulties, please contact me immediately.


Jennifer Cowley
SAS Web Report Studio Usability Team
SAS Usability Laboratory / SAS Institute, Inc.
500 SAS Campus Drive / Cary, NC 27513
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