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WRS: immediate MDX execution failed

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WRS: immediate MDX execution failed

Hello everybody,


We recently made a new:

- facttable

- cube (drill trough = facttable)

- information map


We also made a couple of reports in WRS. Although the reports work fine, we do experiance a problem with the drill trough in one report. The following text is shown

The immediate MDX execution failed

  • select * from XXX where (((put(xxxxdatum,MONNAME9.) eq ' April') and (put(xxxxdatum,YEAR4.) eq '2016') and (team_xxxxx eq xxxxxx') and ((xxxxxxx
  • The server encountered an error accessing a source data table


Here's the strange part..... All the other reports on the same table/cube/information map do not have this problem. In those reports the drill trough works fine. This 'problem'report is a 'copy' (rebuild, because that datasource doesn't exist anymore) from a currect report. In that former report we could use the drill trough as well.


I used google, but couldn't find a solution.

I hope you can help me.

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