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WRS Report Delivery Methods

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WRS Report Delivery Methods


We are having a discussion here about different ways of distributing a regular WRS report to our users, and the pros and cons of each.

1.Access from Portal
2.Open WRS directly
3.Link from another Web app such as MOSS (note we have single sign on so should be seamless)
4.Email report link when updated.
6.Create PDF and email?

How do most deliver the WRS reports, is it (1). Have anyone see any good papers on this? or had any experiences with any of these

All your comments welcomed

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Re: WRS Report Delivery Methods

We deliver all reports created in WRS through the portal. We have separate pages on the portal that group like content, which makes it easier for our user community.

Sometimes we create custom reports that are made available to certain users only so we use Management Console to control the security on these and then instruct the user how to add the report to "My Page".
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Re: WRS Report Delivery Methods

We deliver them via the Portal at the moment, but have been investigating distributing them via email to make it easier for users.

I think with the new Outlook integration in the new BI 4.3 release coming up we will probably move towards that when we upgrade, as users will find it easier to access the WRS reports via Outlook as they use it all the time.
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