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WRS 4.2 : Reset parameters to blank values

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WRS 4.2 : Reset parameters to blank values


We have built some WRS reports that use Information Maps linked to a STP. This STP has a set of different parameters that the user has to fill in before he can run the report. Those parameters contain both “free text single values” and “single values from a list”.

During testing, some reports have been saved after that we have entered values for all parameters to be able to see the results. Now, when we open these reports, they still contain those values.

Question is if it is possible to have these reports opening without these values?
We tried to put the parameters back to default (= blank) but we were not able to save the report like this…

Anyone has an idea how this could be done?

Thanks in advance for your help and advice!
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Re: WRS 4.2 : Reset parameters to blank values

This same issue was mentioned within the Post:澷.

The recommendation was from 'murf':
"Hi UCF Angel,

I think I also encountered your item number 1 issue. Can you try taking out the filter first, then save your report without the filter. Then, in edit mode, add the filter and save it again... I think that should do the trick. Check it by changing the default value of the parameter and see if it will be reflected in the prompt.

You just have to add the filter last, and save it in edit mode. I tested different procedure of saving the report to reflect the default value and that procedure is the one that worked for me


Hope this helps!
~ Angela Hall
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Re: WRS 4.2 : Reset parameters to blank values

Hi Angela,

Thanks for the link!

The problem in my case is that the prompts are defined in the STP and they are thus automatically added in the WRS report without the possibility of removing them easily... As we have 20 reports with each time 5 different filters, it would be very time consuming if we have to remove and re-create them again!

If there is no other way, I will try to solve this like this but I had hoped to have an "easier" solution... :-)

Kind regards,

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