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User specific filter on web report

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User specific filter on web report

Hi all,


is it possible to implement a predefined user(group) specific filter for a web report?


I have different user groups accessing the same report.

One user group should see all information, the other only information relating to one country.


Is this achivable by only configuring the report or the portlet for the different user groups?

I don't want to copy the infomap and the report and then have to more or less maintain several duplicates.


Using SAS-DI Stuidio 4.8, Information Map Studio 4.4 and SAS Web Report Studio 4.4.


Any help on this would be appreciated.





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Re: User specific filter on web report

It sounds like BI Row-Level Permissions might achieve your goal. For information about this feature, see the SAS® 9.4 Guide to BI Row-Level Permissions at

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