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Use Prompt Values in IMS Data Item

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Use Prompt Values in IMS Data Item

Is there a way to use a prompted value created in IMS within an expression for another data item

For example I have created a prompt in IMS called station_name, however, if I try to reference "&station_name" within an expression for a data item the output i get is "&station_name" rather than what is entered in response to the prompt.

I have implemented a workaround, creating the prompts in a stored process and then associating the SP with the Map and referencing them in exactly the way above which works fine.  However, this means the SP is intrinisically linked to the Map, wheras I do not want the same filters applied to every WRS report which uses it.

I find it very diffcult to believe that this cannot be done within IMS alone, as it should be basic functionality.

Assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Posts: 33

Use Prompt Values in IMS Data Item

Have since answered my own question.

to use prompt value in data item reference as follows (for &station_name prompt described above):




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