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Underlying Data Structure for a SAS BI Dashboard

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Underlying Data Structure for a SAS BI Dashboard


I am fairly new to the SAS BI Dashboard functionality and have been reading couple of research papers lately on how to create an effective BI Dashboard. I think if I have to summarize one key learning from the content that I read was emphasis on the underlying data feeding a BI Dashboard which is basically different depending upon every business requirement and the indicator one plan to use.

Our organization has multiple portfolios and multiple products for every portfolio. Our first requirement would be to indicate Actual Vs Op Plan across these portfolio and their products. Similarly we would need to create an indicator for different time (for ex: week, month, YTD). I want to create an indicator based on a percentage (%) of how far ahead or behind we are against the OP PLan. I have data summarized at Portfolio and Product and also at week, rolling upto month and year. I created a the % variable in the Information Map(Calculated Variable) . So while creating an indicator only at product level, I am keeping only the calculated attribute, however the problem is that even if I change the aggregation to avg, its an arithmetic mean. Usually our OP PLan numbers are different for every portfolio and every product and for every week they might differ and hence the avg needs to be weighted. Also, the weight needs to be assigned based on at what level the data is being aggrgated (by product would be different vs by portfolilo). I was wondering if there was an alternative, possibly taking the Actual and OP Plan to the data model and if an indicator can calculate the difference in a % automatically and I can just create a range. Any help would be appreciated.

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