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URL values in WRS OLAP Report?

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URL values in WRS OLAP Report?

We have some questions on WRS 4.2. We need to find means to display dymamic text strings inside OLAP report.

Do OLAP 9.2 and WRS 4.2 support user-defined formats for measure values?

If i make a special fully-nonadditive measure (by means of full set of ROLAP aggr tables, so no OLAP aggregation is used at all), can I use such user-defined format to display text strings (like commentaries) instead of measure value, which holds only a "key" to the string in format? Did anyone already try such approach? Will WRS handle long (say, 100 characters) formatted values correctly?

If i include HTML tags (url links) in such formatted values, will they work as html?

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