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To Kimball or not - Stars

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To Kimball or not - Stars


So We have been proposed a Dimensional modeled Data Warehouse, and I was wondering if anyone is using SAS WRS to access Star schema's and what the perfomance was like, and any tips and tricks were out there to handle this.



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To Kimball or not - Stars

It's very hard to give general suggestion on optimization. But nevertheless, I'll try.

The Base and SPDE engines gives reasonable performance, even if they do not offer specific star schema optimization. SPD Server and other 3rd party databases do.

Historically, by placing an information map on top of a star schema really downgraded performance. In later versions they have improved - you need to test on your data to make sure if it will work for you.

Star schemes a very good as input to OLAP cubes. They offer when well configured very good performance, and can be accessed directly by WRS.

Good luck!

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Re: To Kimball or not - Stars

If you use MS SQL Server for your data storage you could try experimenting using Column Store Indexes in SQL Server 2012...

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