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Special symbols and characters to be used

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Special symbols and characters to be used

Hi SAS Expert,

Good day to you. I'm seeking advice pertaining on SAS Information Delivery Portal v4.31_M1. I'm creating a report and had define the category as '<=6 MTHS', '7 -12 MTHS', '>60 MTHS'.

The problem is when displaying for category labeling with '<=6 MTHS', user will not be able to view the comment box and it details. Even the distinct key are not able to be shown. There is no issue when user select other categories. You may refer to the Attachment below.

Is there any workaround to resolve this issue? Do we need to change some on the report or the labeling?

I'd tried to change the label to other word and there is no issue on displaying.

Is there any references for me to identify what kind of symbols can't be used?

I asked my other colleague symbols such as " (quotation marks), & (ampersands), and > and < (greater than and less then) should be avoided

Is this the only symbols that need to be avoided?

Appreciate those who have experience this could share some info.



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