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Show value from DB on prompt

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Show value from DB on prompt


I have a question - how to show a value from DB during prompt (if it is possible).

What I have currently:

  1. In oracle database I have a view AView with data for a report
  2. In SAS Enterprise Guide I have prepared Stored Process for feeding data to report (query overriden by oracle sql)
  3. In SAS Information Map Studio I have preparde Information Map from AView for Report
  4. In SAS Web Report Studio I have prepared report that uses above products
  5. Report uses prompt for date (calendar)

Currently all of above works ok but I would like to add one thing to above:

When prompt shows calendar - before report is executed - I would like to show additional information from database sql (eg. when data warehouse was last processed) and show it to user - he would see then my information as txt and normal prompt defined as it is now.

Currently user - when selects data for report - does not know for what day database is processed.

Could anyone help me with this topic? Where should I look for?

SAS Enterprise Guide 5.1

SAS Information Map Studio 4.31

SAS Web Report Studio 4.31

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