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Set exceeds the MAX SET SIZE limit - in the "CROSSJOIN" function

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Set exceeds the MAX SET SIZE limit - in the "CROSSJOIN" function

Hi Experts,

I am recieving an error in the WRS regarding the max limit of the crossjoin.

Error messages:There is a problem with the current page.
Error Rendering the Report (Rendering Content)
The number of components in the set exceeds the MAX SET SIZE limit - in the "CROSSJOIN" function.

Is there a way to resolve this?
I have already adjust the tuples from 2,500 to 0 in the WebReportStudioproperties.xml.

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Re: Set exceeds the MAX SET SIZE limit - in the "CROSSJOIN" function

You are likely running into a limitation at the OLAP Server level and not WRS. The OLAP Server limits the number of tuples returned by default. The default number is 1000000. You can increase this number by using the following steps:

1. Log into SMC
2. Expand Server Manager>SASApp>SASApp - Logical OLAP Server.
3. Right click on SASApp - OLAP Server and select properties.
4. Go to the Options tab and click Advance Options.
5. On the performance tab, change the value for Maximum number of tuples in a set

Increasing this setting will allow more tuples to be returned. However, enabling the OLAP Server to return more tuples will require more resources and I suspect you may run into memory issues. If so, you can increase the memory of the OLAP Server using the MEMSIZE option.

When you encounter these types of errors, you may also want to take a look at your cube design and the cardinality of your dimensions. Please take a look at for documention on how you can calculate result set sizes and the impact cardinality can have.
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