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Scheduling and Distributing Reports with Code dependancies

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Scheduling and Distributing Reports with Code dependancies

I'm trying to streamline the process of creating and distributing reports. I want to have code that I wrote in base sas create or update a table in a library. I then want to have a Web Report Studio report that I created based on that table to run and distribute based on a "Completed" status of the sas code.
So, I did all of the prerequisites but I'm stumped.
I have code that builds a table, I deploy the code in the sas management console scheduler. I create a time dependancy for the code to run. I build a WRS report and schedule it to run and distribute at a standard time.
I then add the sas code to the WRS flow in the management console as a predecessor to the WRS job.
But it doesn't work. I can't seem to schedule the sas code to run before the WRS runs and I send out old, stale data. Any help would be appreciated.

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Re: Scheduling and Distributing Reports with Code dependancies

Could I get some more information from you?

When you state 'I did all the prerequisites', are you referring to a user paper or other documentation? Could you send that URL?

Have you been able to get the scheduler to work on it's own? Meaning, if we take out the WRS step and have the SMC Scheduler just update the table daily, does it work? (Want to rule out a configuration issue there.)

Another technique I have seen for this is to place the table update code in a SAS Stored Process. Add this stored process to the SAS Information Map (that is the source for the WRS report). Then schedule the WRS report in the WRS application itself. The WRS report would then initiate the stored process execution to run before returning the results.

~ Angela Hall
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