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Schedule SAS 9.3 WRS output in excel format

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Schedule SAS 9.3 WRS output in excel format

Hi All,

New to SAS, I am struggling to find out a way to schedule reports output which should be in excel for sure to various users in our organisation.

Detailed requirement is:

Set of reports need to go out on daily , weekly, monthly basis

Data will be extracted from SAS libraries using Stored process

Charts will also be included in these reports along with plain data sets.

I have successfully created a report in SAS web report studio using stored process and scheduled it to myself. But scheduler gives me only 2 output methods : .pdf or .html

Is their a way we can schedule our excel output from web report studio?

Or there is some another way possible (not from web report studio) where in I can pass stored process name and create charts and schedule the output to excel?


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Re: Schedule SAS 9.3 WRS output in excel format

WRS is specifically designed to be used interactively via browser, so it is not the right place to look for scheduled actions.

Take the logic of the stored process(es), and run them in batch mode, scheduled by whatever scheduling system your organisation uses. Create files (if you need reports, ODS TAGSETS.EXCELXP is one fine friend), and store them in a location that is accessible by endusers.

Ask if the users actually need Excel files, or if the data is more important than the packaging. HTML pages can contain links to .csv or other file types for download.

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Re: Schedule SAS 9.3 WRS output in excel format

Thanks! i will try to workout with ODS option

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