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SAS Web report Studio graph colors

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SAS Web report Studio graph colors


I need to know how to assign a specific color to a category value displayed on a Web report Studio graph.

Thanks in advance.

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Re: SAS Web report Studio graph colors

You can change the colours used in charts here: File->Properties->Format->Use Customized Colors.

However this only controls the colours used when displaying the first displayed bar, second displayed bar, third displayed bar etc.

You cannot control the colours used for a specific category e.g. I always want categories to display as follows:

Dogs= Blue




because how the category displays will depend on whether there are values for the category item, the values and order etc, so for example you cannot be sure that Fish will always display in yellow. When you re-run a report and say there is no data for Dogs this time, then you will probably find that Cats are displayed in blue, birds in green etc.

This has been confirmed by SAS tech support. [SAS 7611030018] How to change the color or Bar Chart for  different categories in WRS

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Re: SAS Web report Studio graph colors

There is no other way giving the format via Enterprise Guide for example?

Thanks a lot.

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