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SAS WRS PDF alignment

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SAS WRS PDF alignment


I was wondering if it was possible to set the width of tables/crosstabs in SAS WRS? I know this can be set for charts and graphs.

The reason I ask is that the tables do not seem to align the same way that it shows on the screen when I create a pdf file from WRS.

I am using SAS WRS 4.2 M1.

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Re: SAS WRS PDF alignment


There is really no way to control the actual size of a table or crosstab like you can with graphs using the hieght and width controls. However, keep in mind a few things that may impact the display of the tables and crosstabs in PDF:

1. The default number of columns and rows. If your table or crosstab has 50 columns but only displays the first 12 (meaning that you see something like "Columns 1 - 12 of 50), then printing this report in PDF will include all columns and not just the ones displayed in the report.

2. You can manually resize the table or crosstab dragging the far right side of the table. You can also resize the table or crosstab data items by dragging them also. This may give you more control on the size of the table/crosstab.

3. Page setup can also influence how tables and crosstabs are displayed in a PDF. You have the option to Wrap or Fit Width (meaning WRS will try to display the entire table without wrapping) in the "Fit" drop down box.

Hope this helps.
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