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SAS Information Map Studio and Table Columns standardizations

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SAS Information Map Studio and Table Columns standardizations

HI folks,

I did a standardization process of columns across my data library. And just realised that those field format changes (no table name or column name changes) are being reflected with a cross in my information map content tabs for all my affected infromation maps.

My question is, is there any quick shortcuts or solution to this as i cannot afford to delete and update the tables again as all my amendments of data items, filters and customised data items will be gone.

I tried deleting the crossed data items, and re-adding - it didnt even allow me to re-add after deletion.

Also, i can't do any resource replacement as well as it's indicated no conflicts..

And i have also re-run all my DI jobs for proper loading of datasets too before returning to IMS.

Any clue or advise here please ? I really cant bear to do these manual reworks.. Smiley Sad Help!


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