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SAS Information Map Issue

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SAS Information Map Issue

Hello Everyone,

I have migrated SAS information Maps from 9.2 environment to 9.4 environment, after migration when I am trying to edit anything in information maps and then saving it, its not allowing me to save the changes. I don't understand that if its migrated properly and getting executed properly why its not allowing me to save any changes.

Please help.



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Re: SAS Information Map Issue

Are you getting any errors when you try to save? Is the map based on an OLAP cube?

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Re: SAS Information Map Issue

will describe more below-


I am working on migration of SAS component migration from
Version 9.2 to 9.4.

Types of components we have migrated as a part of this
process are below:

SAS libraries, SAS tables, DI jobs, Information Maps, Cubes
and macros.

We have information maps based on SAS Cubes, These
information maps are not providing desirable output because after migration our
information maps, Our Prompts with “multiple Ordered Values” are not working.

Even though the base cubes are tested for data and they are
working fine, but these filters are not working.

We have done analysis on info maps, if we do not select
these prompts then info maps are giving proper result but when we include these
prompt filters, they do not generate any output as well as do not throw any
error message.

I think this is happening due to migration from 9.2 to 9.4.
Please provide your help and support to resolve this problem.

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