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SAS EBI tools are Slow

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SAS EBI tools are Slow

Anyone here experiencing SAS EBI tools especially SAS BI Dashboard, WRS, STPs etc., are really slow. Here admin says they use JBOSS as mid-tier and web-tier also in there. I am not really familiar with all these. According to them, when the 9.4 upgrade happens it might be faster, just a hope.


Why SAS even develop these tools if it is dead slow in bringing in 10 rows and 2 columns visual via BI Dashboard? Some reports got 4-5 static and dynamic prompts, but even the one without prompts takes time.


Sometimes, it takes 5-10 minutes to see this small (10x2 table) info map based BI Dashboard. I am not sure if this is an issue with these SAS tools or issue on the JSP pages (?) on the browser side or web-tier side.


Can someone shed some lights? Thanks! 


So far, I advised admins to look at:

1) Multi-threading on the web-tier

2) Increase memory on the web-tier

3) Enable caching on the web-tier


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Re: SAS EBI tools are Slow



Update the platform to 9.4 will definetely increase your performance on the middle tier, secially if you update to SAS 9.4 M3.

Also, the increase of the Java Virtual Machines will increase your performance, specially if twhat is slow is the web application itself.


Another idea is to request a sizing from SAS. Maybe your requirement have increased and the sizing of the servers (physical or virtualised) have to be recalculated.

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Re: SAS EBI tools are Slow

My experience from one migration (9.2 -> 9.4) is that especially the dashborads got much faster.

A bit too late, since VA where shiping at the same time...

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