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SAS Delivery Portal E-Mail report

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SAS Delivery Portal E-Mail report

Hello friends of SAS Software,

We deploy the delivery portal and wonder how we can schedule weekly reports to be delivered to subscribers via email.

So far I have seen a .pdf paper that suggests examples, one of them via code, but none using the delivery portal.

Is what we are looking for possible?



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SAS Delivery Portal E-Mail report

Hi Bob,

You may check more about SAS Publication channels . A Google search on "SAS Publication Channels" has resulted in these links.

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SAS Delivery Portal E-Mail report


Thanks for that.
We want to share Reports that are generated via an STP and it seems the publication channel does not give
the option to publish via email (I read Archive or WebDAV).
The second link says "Information can be published using various delivery methods, including SAS publication channels, message queues, e-mail, and files."
Here we read "e-mail" that seems to be a good key word concerned with our problem.

But then it stops with E-Mail Transport Restriction and a nice reference to the SAS Publishing Framework: Developer's Guide..
Which I also read by the way.

We gave up on the idea to send out reports via email since it seems we would have to first store
them somewhere in the SAS file system. Which is not pretty having 130 reports every week.
We are down to just sending out notifications that the report has been run, maybe even cached, or maybe
even that it is just available. Is there a way to do that?

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SAS Delivery Portal E-Mail report

We think that the publishing framework might not really cover all our requirements. It would be great to have a report weely (sunday) executed and hence cached with a notification to users

that that happened but the word scheduling does not even come up in any doc. Is it right that an email will only be sent if a new report has been added to the channel?

I am sure in SAS DI there is such a "send email" task but we are not using SAS DI.

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SAS Delivery Portal E-Mail report

You could add an optional prompt for email addresses to the stored process. Then if this is entered, then an additional couple lines of code are added to the program to output to EMAIL.


filename outbox email '';

goptions device=PNG;

ods pdf file=pdfout;

<your sas procs here>

ods pdf close;

The results still appear on the users browser screen and the stored process report is immediately sent to

Hope this provides you another option.

~ Angela Hall

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